If you have been recently bereaved, we offer a Probate Administration Service from obtaining Probate on your behalf to full administration of the estate.

Our probate service will take away the hassle and complexity by administering and managing the estate on your behalf. Because you are assigned your own friendly expert probate advisor you can be certain that the probate will be completed at a quicker rate.

Our Services

  What We Can Do For You: 

  • Perform a basic estate analysis to establish if probate is needed
  • Give advice on the duties of an Executor
  • Give advice on how to arrange asset valuations
  • Tell you how to conduct an asset search
  • Provide details of the nearest probate office
  • Give advice on how much time the executor will need to allocate to administer the estate
  • Give basic advice on the payment of Inheritance Tax and whether it will apply to the estate
  • Give basic advice on what a charity will require of an Executor and the distribution of any legacy(ies)
  • Give advice on how to trace missing beneficiaries