When you have a house full of the “stuff” you have collected throughout your life, it’s easy to forget where you’ve stored important documents : resulting in panic and, sometimes, chaos whilst you search. 

Even if you have a safe place : a filing cabinet, a deed box, a safe box or something similar,  it’s easy enough for anyone to get at whether that’s another family member or if you should be unlucky to suffer a break in.

With our secure document storage your valuable papers will be in a fireproof safe in a secure location.

      How We Will Help You 

  • Secure storage of your Will and associated documents. Irreplaceable paperwork is safe and remains confidential so it can’t be invalidated by accident or viewed against your wishes by family and friends
  • Will validity check – we review your Will before placing it into storage to make sure it has been signed correctly and is legally valid.

We supply each client with a certificate of  secure storage and copies showing you clearly how to access them, with a unique reference number, should your family or your executors need to do this in the event of you being unable to get them yourself.